About Us

ORGANS Life Sciences is a specialized company in Reproductive Health, aiming to make and represent the most advanced and niche products in relation to Reproductive Health in Global marketplace.

ORGANS have made various global collaborations with specialized companies to represent their products in our specialized markets, and also with active and standard local distributors in various countries to distribute our products in all those countries.

ORGANS Life Sciences also represent several highly reputed and known multinational manufacturers of Pharmaceutical Medicines, Nutraceuticals, and ART Consumables.

At ORGANS Life Sciences, we aim to facilitate and look after the interests of our principals, and establish strong business and customer support base in Middle East region through ORGANS Life Sciences Network of sub-distributor stations etc.

Products Overview

Organ FS-1 ®
Precise environmental control system for IVF The automated power switching function allows the user to turn the equipment on and off, eliminating the aiting time for equipment stabilization.

Warming Plate
The CU-201 controller uses a PID method for precise temperature control of heating glass.
It is possible to regulate program temperature gradients and record temperature over time using CCP 7 or MetaMorph software.