ORGANS LS-1 IVF Laminar Flow®

Work station for general operation of IVF 



The air flow is filtered through a VOC pre-filter and HEPA filter to ensure filtered Grade A air quality HEPA filter removes at least 99.995 % of all    airborne particles down to 0.3 microns.

• Built-in heating system on the work surface to maintain the temperature of the samples within the chamber.

• The LED light underneath the work surface provides light source for the microscope.

• User customizable installation of the various sized monitors within the work station are available.

• Temperature, CO2 level and LED light brightness are adjusted via the touch screen control panel hence readily removable foreign matters which    would prevent contamination.

• Compatible with all types of microscopes.

• Additional CO2 and O2 gas providing modules can be installed.

• Two options are available for humidity control: the simple humidifying bottle with control heater and the ultrasonic humidifier for high efficiency of    humidification.

• Separate top cover for CO2 supply and humidification to the samples is available.

• Unlike other products that require a separate anti-vibration table to the work station, the magnetic anti-vibrating module is equipped beneath the    chamber itself.

• Instead of a fault-prone analog flow meter, a digital flow meter which alerts in case of input gas running empty was used.

• Reliable alert system in cases of system malfunctions is installed.

• The size of the work station can be customized according to the user’s request.

• The automated power switching function allows the user to turn the equipment on and off, eliminating the waiting time for equipment stabilization.    The automated power switching function can be programmed in hours, days, months, years or specific holidays.

• The system has silicon-slits to connect microscope or other electronic devices from the outside.

• Front panel is made of transparent plastic, which enables easy observation of the inside. The polycarbonate or reinforced acryl plate could be used    according to the user’s request.

• The purity of the convection gas within the chamber is maintained with HEPA filter which is designed to be easily replaced. 

• The inside of the chamber is a stainless steel for easy clean-up using alcohol or H2O2.

• The temperature, humidity and CO2 levels can be separately controlled by the separate on/off switches.

• It is possible to control the temperature and gas concentration, program temperature and gas concentration gradients, and record the temperature    and gas concentration over time using CCP-IVF software or MetaMorph software.




1. Exterior size

   • (D) 1,000mm * (W) 560mm * (H) 1,616mm

2. Temperature Control Specification

   • Temperature Range: Ambient +3℃ ~ 45℃

   • Step 0.1 ℃

   • Sensor Type: PT

3. CO2 Control Specification

   • Control Range: 1% ~ 15%

   • Sensor Type: NDIR CO2 sensor

4. Humidity Control Specification

   • Ultra sound method or heating method

5. Automatic electric power control

   • Control range: by time, day and week

6. LED light source

   • Cool white 15W LED, 1% step intensity control

7. Touch screen control panel

8. Touch screen monitor for camera display or software

9. Height adjustable option for seat or stand

10. O2 control option

   • Control range 1% ~ 100%

11. Magnetic anti-vibration module

   • 3-module for microscope, balance adjustable knob

Ordering Chart:

Model No.



IVF Work station 1 operator


IVF Work station 2 operators

Products Overview

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