ORGANS represent several highly reputed and known multinational manufacturers of Pharmaceutical Medicines, Neutraceuticals, ART Consumables, Equipments and IVF related products.

ORGANS is the 1st and only fully dedicated company for Women Health & ART (Assisted Reproductive Techniques) based at UAE as a legally incorporated limited liability company to cover Middle Eastern Market, and also legally incorporated company in England & Wales to cover European Market.

GYNEMED Medicine Products Germany

ORGANS is sole partner of GYNEMED Germany for Middle East for complete range of their ART Culture Media in relation to IUI, IVF, ICSI, Vitrification.


SPARMED Denmark - All about IVF

ORGANS is sole partner of SPARMED Denmark for UAE, Oman, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh.

SPARMED Denmark, is a specialized research company which is manufacturing MEA Tested high quality, OOSAFE IVF Disinfectants and Air Quality Products in IVF Labs.


IKS International, Netherland

ORGANS is partner of IKS International - Netherland for UAE, Oman, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh.

IKS International is one of the best specializing research and manufacturing company developing high quality CO2 Incubators from Mini-CO2 Incubators to high volume CO2, Tri-Gas Incubators.

IKS International is one the best specializing research company developing world's best IVF Lab Monitoring Systems, with the brand XiltriX, to have Real Time IVF Lab Monitoring.

VideoTesT, Russia

ORGANS is sole partner of VideoTesT in Middle East, Europe and Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh. VideoTesT is a specialising company having high tech and user firendly Computer Assisted Semen Analysis (CASA) softwares, and High Tech Software for ICSI Procedure, and as well as for FISH, Karyotyping etc..

Products Overview

Organ FS-1 ®
Precise environmental control system for IVF The automated power switching function allows the user to turn the equipment on and off, eliminating the aiting time for equipment stabilization.

Warming Plate
The CU-201 controller uses a PID method for precise temperature control of heating glass.
It is possible to regulate program temperature gradients and record temperature over time using CCP 7 or MetaMorph software.