ORGANS DS1 IVF Benchtop Incubator®

Bench-top incubator for individual specimens of IVF

• Unlike conventional embryonic culture system in which the humidity is maintained by the water tray within the incubation chamber. Our dry incubator    system uses culture medium with an oil to prevent evaporation. This approach is highly effective in IVF procedure as it prevents contamination of the    embryo by the humidifying vapor.

• Inflow of the filtered gas via the HEPA filter eliminates the fine dust and the filter is designed to be easily attached and detached.

• The small inner volume of each chamber allows a rapid CO2 recovery in the event of opening and closing of the door.

• By heating both the lid and the work surface of the chamber, the temperature can be accurately controlled.

• The chamber has spacious area for storage of reagent bottles and glass test tubes within the chamber.

• The humidifying reservoir can be placed in the chamber for humidity maintenance if required.

• All control functions are operated via the touch screen control panel.

• Without employment of computer software, the user is able to check the operating state of the equipment via the real-time graphic visualizations of    all control   parameters such as temperature and gas levels.

• Temperature, gas concentration and the amount of gas influx can be controlled using the software.

• In times of undesired parameter changes (i.e. temperature, gas concentration and amount of gas flux), the user is alerted by an alarm system.

Software for IVF Chamber:

1.Control the temperature and/or CO2 / O2 level.

   CCP-IVF can be used to very easily control all temperatures of heaters connected to the controller as well as the concentrations of CO2 or O2    gases by clicking the “set” buttons.

2. Adjust the temperature gradient and record the temperature over time.

    CCP-IVF can be used to monitor all actual temperatures and gas levels. Also, if you want to adjust any temperature or gas concentration gradients     over time, you can conveniently program them.

3. View temperature/gas concentration data over time.

    CCP-IVF provides a graph viewer that can be used to show the saved file as a graph. Therefore, you can generate tangible data confirming stable     temperatures and gas concentrations over time.

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Model No.



Bench-top incubator 4 chamber type


Bench-top incubator 10 chamber type

Products Overview

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