We here at Organ Life Sciences design products related to Environmental Control System, Work stations for general operations and table top incubators. Warming Plates and magnetic chambers are also part of our products list.

Progressive Research

ORGANS Life Sciences have Global Collaboration with LCI Korea for equipments in Reproductive Health. LCI-Korea is one of the leading global company in Live Cell Instrumentation and have most of patented technologies researched by LCI-Korea.

ORGANS and LCI collectively explore various ideas of initiating pilot projects on various niche IVF equipments, and thereby working on final products with expert teams of the collaborative partners.
Fertility and Virility

ORGANS Life Sciences have global distribution arrangement of Quarterly Newsletter of GIVF Club, which includes latest papers and research publications related with reproductive health.

Territories Under Coverage

Middle East, Europe, Asia, Australian Continent, America

Products Overview

Organ FS-1 ®
Precise environmental control system for IVF The automated power switching function allows the user to turn the equipment on and off, eliminating the waiting time for equipment stabilization.

Warming Plate
The CU-201 controller uses a PID method for precise temperature control of heating glass.
It is possible to regulate program temperature gradients and record temperature over time using CCP 7 or MetaMorph software.

ORGANS supply all products related to IVF across the globe through network of authorised distributors, where distributor does not exist, customers can contact directly to